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The lab automation experts at Clickbio continue to put their collective experience to work and develop solutions to some of the toughest, yet common, lab automation challenges.


Liquid waste station

Disposing of liquid waste on an automated liquid handler needs to be done simply and cleanly. The VBLOK LW Waste Station by Clickbio accomplishes both with:

  • compatibility with all liquid handlers
  • simple installation
  • nothing to clean
  • gravity drain

The base has an ANSI/SLAS standard footprint so it fits anywhere on the deck of your liquid handler. Drop in a disposable VBLOK LW module and connect the tubing to your carboy or other waste container and you're ready to go. No pumps, no software drivers, no mess.


Mag-SEP base plate

Breakthrough the 10 ml barrier with the MAG-SEP Base from Clickbio. You'll get greater consistency with our proprietary technology and design that pulls magnetic beads out of solution quickly and in the same location every time.

  • large working volumes, up to 40 ml per well
  • stronger magnets, faster bead response
  • well bottom stays clear for consistent results

Clickbio MAG-SEP bases fit into standard plate locations and provide fast, consistent results. Contact Clickbio for microplate compatibility.