XBlock 650 high throughput magnetic separation 50ml tube automated_trimmed.JPG


The XBLOK650 helps streamline your cell growth and extraction processes. This automation friendly product incorporates six 50 mL tubes into one block. It features a standard SBS footprint and threadless caps for compatablility with lab robotics. The XBLOK650 can by paired with a Clickbio magnetic extraction plate for large volume separation procedures. 

Offered in Standard and Pre-Sterile


An SBS footprint, V bottom, centrifuge compatible reservoir designed to improve time and cost of liquid collection and pooling. This product features a large liquid capacity, low dead volume, and hydrophobic surfaces to improve liquid transfer. 

VBLOK200 sample pooling dna testing centrifuge collection plate.JPG

flextrough 55_assembly.JPG
flextrough 35_assembly.JPG
flextrough 75_assembly.JPG

FlexTrough System

A revolutionary configurable microplate system from Clickbio. The FlexTrough system is modular and supports hundreds of configurations. With the options of 35, 55, and 75 mL troughs, the FlexTrough can be incorporated into any workflow.