IDM for your product kitting needs


Kitting from Clickbio

First impressions are everything. Whether you have a well-established product or are just entering the market, your packaging says a lot about your product and your company. Clickbio offers kitting design services that can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your packaging. 

All kits are assembled in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities with an emphasis on quality and uniformity. Sterile kitting is also available for use in medical applications. 


Smarter Packaging by Design

Work with you and your customers to approach how your products are being used.  We listen and incorporate a proven processes to address and implement better designed packaging, containers, and usage documentation.  We have learned how to apply this on a single consumable and now are applying this core approch to product kitting and logistics.


Consumable optimization with each component

When it becomes an option we are also open to working with you to review individual components of your kit for optimization.  You are the technical expert with your chemistry and we do not change what makes your solution special.  We address how it is used and have the ability to improve how it is used in a variety of ways including:


Light protection

Color coding



Improve your customer's experience with your products.

Reduce costs and shorten lead times.

Enable more flexibility in the solutions you offer.