The XBASE Product Family

by Clickbio

XBase 24 magnetic separator mag sep custom labware.JPG

Better Magnetic bases

The XBASE product line from Clickbio offers a wide range of advantages over other magnetic separation products. The bases have SBS footprints and will fit on most liquid handler decks. The bases are also compatible with flat bottom, round bottom, pyramid bottom, and PCR microplates in both standard and deep well formats. 

XBase 96 separator mag sep custom labware.JPG

Faster separation times & easy to use

Gone are the days of waiting 20+ minutes for your magnetic separation procedures to complete. With a huge array of powerful magnets, the XBASE products have extremely fast separation times of around a minute. The XBASE is simple, easy to use, and is compatible with most liquid handler robots.  

96 well magnet plate with shim white.JPG

Smarter Separation procedures

The XBASE's most unique feature is the patented two-position design. Start by placing the microplate in position 1, which pulls the mag beads to a ring near the bottom of the plate to allow pipette aspiration. Next, move the plate to position 2, which pulls the beads to a pellet in the bottom of the well, reducing the required elution buffer. The XBASE will improve any magnetic separation workflow. 

Bracket method Procedures

Clickbio's unique Bracket Method procedures ensure each XBASE is designed, manufactured, and quality controlled to Clickbio's high standards. The engineers at Clickbio utilize advanced technologies such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize magnetic field strength and other material properties. The assembly of the XBASE adheres to a strict procedure that ensures consistency, quality, and excellence. And finally, 100% of our parts are QC checked to ensure correct orientation of magnets, physical strength of bonded components, consistency of appearance, and more.