FlexTrough by Clickbio

As simple as possible, 


As complex as you need

Low Throughput - Using a self-standing Clickbio FlexTrough that is accessible by a complete complement of 8 channels allows you to set up your basic lab protocols faster and with more ability to change.
High Throughput -  Adding a complete complement of Clickbio FlexTroughs allows screening transfers to be done up to 12x faster with the use of 96 heads.

Simple programming, 
Smarter science

Utilize 96 tip heads - The Clickbio FlexTrough now enables you to take full advantage of your robot's 96 channel head.  In one motion, you now can transfer hundreds of unique patterns.
Replace Legacy Reservoirs - Clickbio developed the FlexTrough to be a drop-in replacement for traditional SBS reservoirs.  No custom labware, no special programming required.

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Efficient and effective:
Science without waste

Less Landfill - Only use what you need. Only toss what you use. Clickbio FlexTrough gives you the ability to save time and money. 
Less Dead Volume - Selecting containers that suit your volume needs can result in up to an 80% reduction in dead volumes.
Less Wasted Deck space - Holding up to six (6) unique liquids on one deck position allows you to accomplish more science with smaller robots.
Less Cost - Clickbio FlexTroughs start at $2 apiece.

About Clickbio

Clickbio is made up of a team of engineers who are listening to Life Scientists to develope better smarter tools. Together we can advance Life Science Technology as we know it.

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