The Lo-Profile 384-Format Fill Station:  is optimized for use with a 384-tip head and low reagent volumes. The station uses a non-contact liquid level sensor to fill a reservoir to a predetermined adjustable height. The specially designed 384-format SBS reservoir holds up to 50 mL. The device's ultra low profile allows short low-volume 384 tips to access the reservoir without collision concerns. The primary tubing line fills the reservoir, while a secondary tubing line automatically drains reagent in case of a malfunction. 


Currently the 384-format Media Fill Station is offered with re-usable Acetal reservoirs. A consumable polypropylene version of this reservoir is coming soon.

Lo Profile 384-Well Fill Station

  • -Uses unique easy access 384-well low dead volume reservoir.

    -Adjustable liquid level height.

    -Consumable fluid paths.

    -Includes pump and 10 fluid lines. 

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