Tube Rack Services

by Clickbio

Tube Racks as a service

Custom tube racks have a variety of benefits in the lab. If you have a tube that you would like a custom rack for, send it to Clickbio and we will quickly design and prototype a rack to suit your needs. Once approved, the rack can be put into production.

Custom Racks

Whether you need a rack with heating/cooling capabilities, anti-spin features, custom layouts, barcode access, or another feature, Clickbio can come up with a solution for you.

Variety of Materials

Since our racks are custom, there is no limit to what material they can be made out of. From injection molded plastic to machined aluminum to paper mach√©, we will work with you to pick the best material to suit your needs. 

Perfect Fit For You

Sometimes the SBS/SLAS standards can be more inconvenient than not, and sometimes you need a tube rack that works for you. Our racks can be designed to fit your new optimized (non-standard) process. 

About Clickbio

Clickbio is made up of a team of engineers who are listening to Life Scientists to develope better smarter tools. Together we can advance Life Science Technology as we know it.

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