VBLOK200 reagent reservoir & collection plate by Clickbio

For smarter science that's good to the last drop

In a world of ever-more expensive reagents and custom chemistries, here’s a lab automation breakthrough that will save you time, money, and effort: The Clickbio VBLOK200 reagent reservoir and collection plate. It’s the only reservoir on the market that doubles as a centrifuge-compatible collection plate, disposable liquid path, and disposable sterile reagent reservoir. It’s a novel solution to the shortfalls of off-the-shelf plasticware.

No baffles, low dead volume

With a capacity of 200 mL, the Clickbio VBLOK200 reagent reservoir and collection plate is an ideal source plate with an optional automatic fill station — with the added benefit of being centrifuge-compatible, so you can collect everything in the deep-V bottom and reclaim every drop.

Works with your existing liquid handler

Every Clickbio VBLOK200 and their stations are designed to function on a standard deck of the industry’s most common liquid handlers, and each one adheres to strict ANSI:SLAS plate standards, so integration with your existing lab robot is quick and easy, guaranteed.

About Clickbio

Clickbio is made up of a team of engineers who are listening to Life Scientists to develope better smarter tools. Together we can advance Life Science Technology as we know it.

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