The XBLOK product family

by Clickbio

Large-volume wells in a robot-friendly standard footprint

For decades, the laboratory automation industry has struggled with how to deal with ubiquitous 50 mL Falcon® tubes. They’ve required special holders, special workflow workarounds, and they’ve even required extremely expensive advanced automation add-ons to tighten or loosen their threaded caps. Those days are now over, thanks to the introduction of the Clickbio XBLOK650. For cell culture automation and similar larger-volume applications, Clickbio’s XBLOK650 offers you the large volume of six 50 mL tubes on one standard ANSI:SLAS plate. That means no more custom carriers, no custom programming, no random workarounds, no problem. The XBLOK630 offers the same benefits of the XBLOK650, but with reduced height and volume for compatibility with certain liquid handlers and centrifuges. 

Threadless caps means easy on-and-off with standard grippers

Don’t have an extra $60K lying around to buy a custom robotic attachment just to loosen or tighten threaded caps? With the XBLOK, you don’t need it! Our patent-pending threadless caps go easily on or off with standard grippers, so you can cover or uncover your cell cultures or valuable chemistries without the extra expense.

Works with your existing lab robot

Every Clickbio XBLOK is designed to function on a standard deck of the industry’s most common liquid handlers, and each XBLOK adheres to strict ANSI:SLAS plate standards, so integration with your existing laboratory robot is quick and easy, guaranteed.

About Clickbio

Clickbio is made up of a team of engineers who are listening to Life Scientists to develope better smarter tools. Together we can advance Life Science Technology as we know it.

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