New! XBLOK650

The XBLOK650 by Clickbio helps streamline your cell growth and extraction processes. By incorporating six 50 mL tubes in one standard plate footprint, this product is automation friendly and easy to use. The tubes have no threads, providing for quick robotic capping and de-capping. The XBLOK650 can by paired with a Clickbio magnetic extraction plate for large volume separation procedures. 

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XBlock 650 high throughput magnetic separation 50ml tube automated_trimmed.JPG



Because robots like plates better than tubes

  • Six wells, 50 ml each
  • Thread-less capping and de-capping
  • Compatible with automated incubators
  • Large volume magnetic separation
96 well magnet plate separator with shim.JPG

NEW! XBASE by Clickbio

Using our patented technology, we help scientists improve their magnetic bead applications.  Our dual function 96 and 24 well Magnetic Separator, XBASE allows people or automated robots to either focus all their collected beads in a ring off the bottom or beads into a single, bottom location.

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VBLOK 200 Reservoir

No baffles, low dead volume

  • High capacity - over 250 ml
  • Low dead volume
  • Low retention hydrophobic surfaces

Pool samples with your centrifuge

For applications that require sample pooling, like NGS library pooling, VBLOK is the only collection plate that lets you use your centrifuge to pool 100% of your precious samples, which means your liquid handler can get to work preparing more NGS libraries.

  • spend less on pipette tips
  • recover more of your pooled libraries or samples

New Improved


Modular Reservoirs

Highly Configurable + Highly Compatible

  • 3 reservoir sizes
  • Configure as needed
  • Black material protects contents
  • Customizable bases for process control
Our next product, the FlexTrough, earned Clickbio one of only eight coveted Innovation AveNEW spots at the SLAS 2016 trade show.

Modular, flexible, ingenious. FlexTrough is a product family consisting of three different reservoirs with over 100 possible configurations.